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A Top Rated Restaurant Equipment Supplier in San Diego and Chula Vista

History of Mexam Enterprises, Inc. dba Alam’s Equipment
Randy Fitzpatrick, President.
Market Fixtures Unlimited Inc.
Downey, CA

Location & Area.
30 years ago my dad Late Charlie Fitzpatrick decided to build a branch office in the city of Chula Vista which is only 10 minutes from downtown San Diego and 5 minutes from Tijuana, Mexico to serve customers on both sides of the border. The office  has a total  area of 32 thousand square feet with approximately 16 thousand square feet of show room comprising  of 22 feet high sky light ceiling.

Alam Talukder & Mexam Enterprises Inc.
Alam Talukder, an international salesman joined our head office in Downey in 1989. Within a very short time he proved to my dad and me that he was one of the most honest, dependable and highly skilled salesman we had ever had in our 40 years of company history. The spectacular volume of sales and businesses including rental businesses from Hollywood studios he was bringing to our company was staggering. We will always remember with a sense of gratitude and indebtedness this contribution of Alam Talukder that was instrumental in transforming our company to its present condition.  In the year 2000 Alam approached me with a proposal which after a deep thought I accepted. He became the sole proprietor of our Chula Vista store with a new name, Alam’s Equipment. In 2002 he incorporated his business under the name of Mexam Enterprises,Inc.
I am not a fortune teller but all that I can say is since Alam’s taking over – the business has increased manifolds and is continuing to grow. I can predict that within a year or two he will emerge as a major player in the line of Restaurant/Market Equipment business in the State. I wish him every success in his new venture. 

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